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A-Film Company Profile

Company Profile

Since its establishment in 1999 A-Film Distribution is the largest, most versatile, independent film distributor in the Benelux. Through the labels A-Film Entertainment, A-Film Quality and A-Film Family Entertainment a varied audience is catered for. A-Film reaches adults and children, movie buffs and genre freaks, the cinema going public and people that watch TV. A-Film aims at a vertically integrated distribution strategy which is, amongst others, realized by long term co-operation agreements with different partners in the distribution chain.

A-Film Distribution takes care of the whole lifecycle of a movie: from acquisition to release. The movie is released on all platforms, from cinema release to DVD/ Blu-Ray from VOD to Pay TV and from Free TV to Online sales and thus fully benefits from the combined marketing, publicity and sales efforts that are undertaken throughout this lifecycle.




The Entertainment label releases movies, ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to appealing local acquisitions, for a wide audience. This is a commercially driven division: joint promotions with known brands and product placement are the core of its business.

  • Immortals
  • Dear John
  • Kick-Ass
  • Piranha 3D
  • Limitless
  • Season of the Witch
  • Killers
  • Haywire
  • The Fighter
  • Unthinkable


Family Entertainment

A-Film Distribution has developed a strong passion for national and international children’s movies. In close cooperation with leading Dutch producers, the slate of commercial as well as qualitative strong children’s product is extended locally. A-Film Family Entertainment is proud to release more beautiful children’s movies in 2011 and will extend this label even further in future.

  • Mijn Opa de Bankrover
  • Mijn Vader is een Detective
  • Ernst & Bobbie
  • Het Geheim
  • Alpha and Omega 3D
Het Geheim


Black Butterflies


The Quality label focuses on arthouse and crossover titles in which A-Film Distribution has proven to be one of the market leaders over the years. Qualitative strong titles, which have won prestigious awards, but also high quality local acquisitions, benefit from the release through this label.

  • Howl
  • Black Butterflies
  • Jane Eyre
  • Biutiful
  • Somewhere
  • The Kids Are All Right
  • Yo, También
  • La Fille du Puisatier



A-Film is strongly connected with the Dutch filmmaking community. It works closely with the most important production companies within the local industry. Next to the distribution of commercial films, A-Film also distributes both artistic films and documentaries.

Local films are marketed not only traditionally but also with custom made social media campaigns. Sint/Saint became a media hype online first, leading to coverage on prime time TV, on air and in all other traditional media. For Sonny Boy the Facebook account was an essential part of the campaign which started the word-of-mouth. The cast of Body Language was presented to the press in the studio with a live twitter introduction feed going on at the same time. Plan C is our next social media runner up.

  • Briefgeheim
  • De Heineken Ontvoering
  • Majesteit
  • De President
  • Body Language
  • Plan C
  • Sint
  • Sonny Boy
De Heineken Ontvoering


Quality Film Collection

Quality Film Collection

The Quality Film Collection consists of movies that have been awarded with Oscars, Golden Globes and Palm d’Ors. These films were made by leading and innovative directors. The DVD’s of the Quality Collection are widely available on the market for an attractive price with a excellent in store visibility due to the branding. This label incensed the rediscovery of both the arthouse classics as well as successful mainstream titles. The Quality Film brand is extended on Video on Demand platforms throughout the Benelux.


Entertainment Collection

To maintain instore visibility A-film launched the Entertainment Collection in 2010. A selection of International and local great movies at a consistent price level and look and feel will increase turnover in its second run.

Entertainment Collection



Mad Men

TV - series

Despite the short history A-Film Distribution has with releasing TV-series, it already owns a broad portfolio. The catalogue ranges from quality series like Apocalypse WW2, The Throne (De Troon) and Mad Men, to humoristic series like Nurse Jackie, Tower C (Toren C) and That’ 70s Show.



The future is digital. In the course of 2011, a large amount of the almost 2000 titles from the A-Film catalog will become available for digital distribution. New business models are set up to offer these titles through Video On Demand without saying goodbye to more conventional forms of sales. A-Film has a good sales and marketing relationship with the biggest VOD suppliers of the Benelux.

The wide range of A-Film titles can be further exploited for releases on all digital platforms.

Dear John



TV Sales

The TV sales department of A-Film Distribution has set up a wide network in the regular television business. The extensive catalogue of A-Film Distribution can be viewed regularly on free and pay TV and also on the public and commercial broadcasters in the Netherlands and Belgium. A-Film Distribution also exploits different forms of display. Hotel chains, tour operators and airlines are regular customers of A-Film, but also institutions of education show movies from the A-Film catalogue.

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